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I remember when first starting out, I was really frustrated because I didn’t know what to do to get better and get to the level that I could start building apps or websites. For countless days, months, and years, I was contemplating of how to build an app. When I started learning about something new, I wanted it implemented right away. However, I failed horribly. I did not know how to go about implementing it.

  1. Do I have to master a new language?
  2. Which programming language should I learn?
  3. How do I learn everything about programming concepts and frameworks jargon that are used frequently.

I was utterly confused, but I’ve never given up on trying! Unfortunately, it took me quite a while to run and come back to the same place, which now I call “the black spot.”

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At this point, YOU NEED TO STOP! Do not stay at this step for any longer!

The best way to get started learning programming is to break it down to three separate steps. These steps should be thought of as a ladder. You can’t just skip one step and go straight to the top. You must start at the bottom and work your way up.

Learn programming fundamentals

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At this step, you should not just focus on learning the syntax. But, more importantly should learn the fundamentals. You need to know the basics first and not immerse yourself with every little syntax. Do not get caught in the common trap of continuously learning and relearning the syntax. You only need to understand the basics truly. It does not matter what programming language you are learning as long as you know the basics such as variables, array, loops, if/else statements, functions, and so on. Once you have mastered these basics, then move on to some more significant concepts such as object-oriented programming.

Learn How to Solve Problems

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This step needs a lot of attention and dedication. People almost entirely ignore it. When you can take the syntax and fundamentals from the first step and apply it without being told what to do, you are in the solving problem step. This is the core of “thinking like a programmer,” which is by far the most challenging and most crucial part on your journey to get away from the black spot.

There are four steps that I follow whenever I am trying to solve a problem:

Understand the problem

Read the problem and start thinking about it. If possible, write the things that are given and the things that you need to find out on a piece of paper.

1. Understand the problem

  • Do I really understand the question entirely?
  • Can I explain the question to someone else?
  • How many inputs are required?
  • What would be the output of the provided inputs?

2. Go through sample inputs

Going through some sample inputs and coming up with more examples sure helps you a lot to understand the problem well. It gives you a clear way to how many cases your code should handle and what are the possible output range.

  • Take a simple example and see the output
  • Take a more complex and more significant example and see the output
  • Try out a problem without input

3. Break down the problem

If the problem that you are trying to solve is enormous to handle, then I suggest you is to break it down into manageable chunks.

  • Try to make a flow chart for the problem
  • Divide the problem into small chunks
  • Try to make independent functions for each sub-problem
  • Connect those sub-problems by calling them in the required order

4. Start solving the problem

Now, you understand the problem and its time to write the code. If you can’t solve the problem fully at once, try writing code for a simpler subpart, as you solve the problem, gradually you keep figuring out the problem out in more detail, and you start getting new ideas.

Build simple projects

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Once you reached this step, it is time to pick an idea to build. Start simple! Yes, even if you are thinking to build the next Facebook, but instead you should be thinking about how to build small projects that can help you to put all your skills into this one simple project.

Here are some projects to start with

  • Build your own calculator
  • Create a To-Do List app
  • Develop a weigh conversion tool
  • Build yourself a portfolio website

Websites to learn and start your journey to Code :

  1. HackerRank
  2. GeeksforGeeks
  3. HackerEarth
  4. and Ofcourse for any help or doubts, you can visit YouTube or StackOverflow or GitHub as well.

I hope it may have given you some path to start your journey. Any comment, feedback is highly appreciated to improve this content ❤



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