ChatGPT : a Boon or Bane?

Abhishek Jaiswal
3 min readFeb 19, 2023
Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

ChatGPT crossed over 1 million users in less than 5 days wherein WhatsApp, Instagram two years and Snapchat one year to cross that Milestone, so is it safe to say that ChatGPT is a boon or a bane tool ?

OpenAI, the company that created the GPT3 AI language module. GPT3 stands for generative pre-trained Transformer and is a type of language model that leans on machine learning and deep learning principles to create human-like copy and content through an API and natural language processing.

Advantages of using Chat GPT include:

  1. Personalization: Chat GPT can generate highly personalized content for each individual customer, which can improve engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Automation: Chat GPT can automate repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, which can save time and resources for businesses.
  3. Scaling: Chat GPT can handle a large volume of interactions simultaneously, allowing businesses to scale their customer service and support efforts.

Disadvantages of using Chat GPT include:

  1. Quality control: There is a risk of errors or inconsistencies in the generated content, so quality control measures may be necessary.
  2. Lack of empathy: Chat GPT lacks the ability to understand and respond to emotional cues, which may make it difficult to create a sense of connection with customers.
  3. Limited creativity: Chat GPT can generate content based on previous examples, so its creativity is limited by the data it has been trained on.

ChatGPT has become synonymous with ‘Google Killer‘ for a reason.

From coding neural networks to just fixing a code with a query, chatGPT can answer everything in between. Here is an example of why the latest model is a potential substitute for Google Search.

It acts like a virtual cloud

Language is about to become the connective tissue for all sorts of software, and with the rise in usage of cloud services, OpenAI’s chatGPT has found a way to assist. One can string together cloud services to do complex tasks which is an underrated use case of the product.

Solve the problem of unstructured data

Amidst the data revolution, unstructured data is a nuisance. The problem is that they are hard to sort, manage, and organise. ChatGPT comes to the rescue as it can turn unstructured data into structured data.

Generate SQL Queries

SQL is a key tool in any data scientist’s toolbox. Of course, mastering it is essential, but a good understanding of SQL will help you greatly in different phases of your career. Enter ChatGPT!

ChatGPT training process

  • Build a question dataset given certain prompts and do fine-tuning using supervised learning. This step is simple but very expensive.
  • The second step is the most interesting, since different responses are proposed to the model and human feedback provides a ranking of responses from most desirable to least desirable. Using this information, a model can be trained, which is “rewarded” and captures human preferences, reducing misalignment.
  • The third step is to treat GPT as a “policy” (Reinforcement Learning term) and optimize it using RL against the learned reward. An algorithm called PPO is used and, in this way, GPT is better aligned.

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